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Update from Southwest Engineers Summer 2017 Scholarship Winner

Dec 06, 2017

Each year Southwest Engineers awards two scholarships to Texas students pursuing careers in the engineering field. In its 11th year, the Southwest Engineering Scholarship Program has awarded more than $55,000 in scholarship funds to aspiring civil and/or environmental engineering students in Texas. Recently, we received a letter from Gabbie Rico, our Summer 2017 scholarship winner, updating us on her freshman semester at Texas A&M.

This semester has been very exciting for me as a new student at Texas A&M. First of all, I love the campus and the welcoming environment it entails. As for my classes, they are definitely different from high school in regards to their difficulty and the amount of course work. I would consider my favorite class so far to be my Engineering 111 class because of the uniqueness of the course. Instead of it being a lecture, like most of my other classes, we are working on group activities and learning about careers in engineering, resulting in a more community-based class. However, despite this being my favorite class, it is also the one that I struggle the most with due to the programming that we're learning. As someone with zero experience in computer programming, I find it challenging to grasp certain concepts and apply them in this class. Thankfully though, A&M offers various supplemental instructions and tutoring sessions that I have been taking advantage of in order to understand the material. 
Overall though, I am enjoying my experience at A&M and am looking to become involved in more organizations on campus, especially ones geared towards engineering and community service. Although the classes are challenging, I am continuing to learn more about my goals and passions as well as how to succeed academically. 
Hope all is well at Southwest Engineers!
Thanks and gig' em,
Gabriella Rico

Keep up the good work Gabbie, Southwest Engineers has your back!