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Southwest Engineers Celebrates 30 Years

Sep 15, 2008

September 15, 2008

Back on September 15, 1978, the odds against even 5 years survival of a two-man engineering firm were extremely high. The odds against 30 years survival of such a firm were, and still are, astronomical. Yet under the leadership of co-founder Clarence Littlefield, and now our new president, John Littlefield, Southwest Engineers has defeated the odds. Chalk it up to determination, technical skills, and absolute dedication to our mission of helping small Texas communities and towns acquire desperately needed infrastructure of clean drinking water, effective wastewater facilities and good streets.

As our clients built infrastructure, their locales became more attractive places to live, which in turn, created needs for additional facilities. As the communities and our client base grew, so did we. Today our mission remains the same. Through serving our clients’ needs, our capabilities have grown. We are able to provide high quality civil engineering and knowledge of resources and financial help for projects much larger and more complex than in those early days.

Today our staff of two has grown to seven graduate engineers – five of whom are registered engineers – plus technical and administrative support personnel of ten more. Of the present staff, four have been with us for twenty or more years. The number of clients continues to grow as do their needs. As a result, Southwest Engineers’ need for more skilled personnel to match the clients’ needs grows too.

We look forward to many more years of giving our clients of all sizes the quality engineering and other advice they need for their prosperity. We know our success is tightly tied to theirs.